The daughter of blinded PC David Rathband carried the torch in memory of him in a blindfold.

Mia carried the torch in Whitburn, South Tyneside, as the torch relay entered its 29th day overall and third in our region.

The teenager, who completed the leg in place of her late father, put on blindfold and was guided down the route by a metropolitan police officer.

Kath Rathband said: "It really took me by surprise and I can't believe how brave she is. And from the minute she took her first step the sun started shining.

"It's amazing.

"The sun started to shine when the torch was lit. When I saw her I told her how proud I was of her. I can't believe she took it upon herself to do that blindfolded.

"I'm overwhelmed and so proud of her, She's shown so much maturity. She was walking toward me with the blindfold on. It was like she was walking in her dad's steps."

And Peter Sweeney, chairman of the Blue Lamp Foundation, said: "David will be sitting up there with the biggest, most smug smile on his face.

Here is the full report about Mia Rathband's emotional tribute to her father.