Northern Pride march through Newcastle

The rainbow flag is the international symbol of gay pride Credit: ITV

Thousands of people from Newcastle, Sunderland and further afield turned out for the annual Northern Pride march, which celebrates the LGBT - lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender - community.

They put on their most colourful outfits and brought out their loudest drums and whistles to make sure they were seen and heard as they paraded through the city. But while the costumes were fun, the event also had a more serious message.

The Chairman, Peter Darrant, said it was about challenging the stereotypes of gay and lesbian people.

The march started at Newcastle Civic Centre and paraded through the city, followed by a festival in Exhibition Park. There were performances by the Cheeky Girls and X Factor's Diva Fever.

Not all who turned up were gay or lesbian. Many were supporting friends or family members.