Wearside father 'unlawfully killed' in Greece

Joe Arthur

A coroner has ruled that a young father who died while on holiday in Greece was unlawfully killed. Joe Arthur died after being assaulted on a family holiday in Corfu 6 years ago.

He was taken to hospital on the island but for four days Doctors failed to treat him. The Greek Authorities claimed Mr Arthur died from heart failure.

Today the Coroner in Sunderland heard from the Pathologist who carried out a Post Mortem on Mr Arthur's body when it was returned to Britain. Dr Peter Cooper told the court he died from a head injury which caused bleeding on the brain. The injury was caused by a very hard impact on the back on the head.

"This was an eminently treatable condition, there were days of opportunity when the blood clot could have been removed. Doctors missed the opportunity to treat Joe successfully. A medical student should have been able to tell there was a head injury"

For six years Mr Arthur's family have battled for justice in the Greek courts. Last month they finally saw the Dr who allowed Joe to die convicted of involuntary manslaughter. A South African barman who was accused of the assault which caused Mr Arthur's injuries was found not guilty.

Had an operation to remove the blood clot been carried out at any time during the four days he was in hospital Mr Arthur would have beens saved.

The Sunderland Coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing saying.

"Basic medical treatment could have been given to him but the opportunity for rendering effective care was not take. The negligence of medical staff amounted to a disregard for the life and safety of Joe, amounting to a crime."