Fit to burst as Prudhoe's sewage system struggles to cope

Fit to burst: claims Prudhoe's drains are struggling to cope Credit: ITV

People in the Northumberland town of Prudhoe say the sewage and drainage system is creaking under pressure.

Members of the Take Pride in Prudhoe group say every time it rains heavily, manhole covers lift up and water runs through the town, which is set on the side of a valley.

It's not just drainage water that is causing the problem. Residents claim sewage overflows regularly.

Aftermath: damage caused to footpaths by overflowing drains Credit: ITV

It's a problem that's been going on for some time. But now it's feared the situation is about to get worse.

The Government last night stated it has no plans to oppose a major development in the town, which has already been given planning permission by Northumberland County Council.

It will see 150 houses, a 5 storey block of flats, a major supermarket and retail units. All of this will see an extra 1,200 litres of water sent into the drainage system every minute

Artist's impression of proposed new development in Prudhoe Credit: Northumberland County Council

Northumbrian Water says it is confident the existing system can cope

Northumberland County Council meanwhile says that it consulted with all the relevant bodies while considering the application

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