PM drops in on Parliament's Northumberland Day

David Cameron samples Northumberland produce Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The Prime Minister gave his support to a day at Westminster to promote Northumberland produce.

Around half a dozen small firms made the trip to London to show off their products to MPs. David Cameron spent time chatting to each business and tasting their food and drink.

Afterwards, Mr Cameron said he had enjoyed some 'really great tastes'.

"I also think people want to know more about where their food comes from and people are more interested in the quality of their food and people are interested in supporting British growers and British farmers so I think it's absolutely the right time to do this."

Among the producers who'd travelled from Northumberland was Dawn Watts. She manages a confectionery business in Lynemouth as a social enterprise, which ploughs its profits into the village. She says it's vital to encourage more people to buy her products, for the good of her entire community.

"We make the product in the community centre. Everything that we make profit wise is basically put back into a pot to keep the community centre."

Northumberland Day was organised by the Hexham MP Guy Opperman, and supported by fellow Northumberland MPs. Following the success of this year's event he believes Northumberland Day could become an established fixture on the calendar.