The tragic shooting of PCs Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona Bone, 32 in Manchester has reignited the debate on whether our police officers should carry guns.

While some believe it is the only deterrant, there are others who feel arming officers will make little difference.

As the debate continued, one family who know first hand what it's like to lose a loved one in the line of duty, spoke to Kenny Toal.

There are few who will ever fully understand what the families of PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone are going through today.

But Ash Rathband does. His father David was blinded ... after being shot at point blank range by gunman Raoul Moat.

Unable to live with his terrible injuries, David Rathband was found hanged at his home in Blyth earlier this year .

Ash has taken up the mantle at the Blue Lamp Foundation, a charity set-up by his father to help emergency services and their families caught up in tragic events like this.

What happened to David Rathband raised questions about whether police should be armed. What happened in Manchester yesterday has reignited that debate.

His brother Darren, a policeman in Australia, is in no doubt what the answer is.

The British bobby has to move forward, it's the 21st century, people use sharp objects and knives and guns. They are not all out there to cause harm I appreciate that but the chosen animals that do the police force need to have the chosen tools to protect themselves.