First seal pup of the new season born on the Farne Islands

The pup is one of 4,000 Atlantic Grey Seal on the Farne Islands Credit: National Trust

The first seal pup of the new season has been born on the Farne Islands, in Northumberland.

The islands are home to more than 4,000 Atlantic Grey Seals. It's England's largest breeding population, giving birth to more than 1,500 pups during the Autumn months.

Rangers say they don't know the sex of this youngster just yet, but are hoping to find out on Sunday 23 September after the pup has had time to bond with its mother.

Head Ranger David Steel is asking for name suggestions on Twitter.

The Atlantic Grey Seal is one of the rarest in the world, with around 40% of it's population found in the UK.

The seals can grow up to 2.5m in length, with some males weighing more than 300kg. The expected life-span of an Atlantic Grey Seal is between 30-40 years.

Seal pups are often seen venturing onto the rocks shortly after their birth Credit: National Trust

Expectant mothers mainly give birth between September-October. It's around that time when their fluffy white pups can be spotted venturing out onto the rocks on the islands.

Males can grow up to 2.5m and weight more than 300kg Credit: National Trust