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Floods from Northumberland to North Yorkshire

A month's worth of rain fell in one day and one night across the North East, meaning flooded homes, abandoned cars and another sleepless night for many as the rain continued to fall.

In Morpeth, in Northumberland, the River Wansbeck burst its banks. Eighty homes were evacuated, others were badly damaged by the water, and a rescue shelter was set up in the centre of the town for those who needed it.

Many were thinking of their insurance premiums - already high in many cases after terrible floods four years ago. One man said the cost of insurance for him had risen from £200 to £1200 after the last flood, and he dreaded it going up again.

The town was just one example of how the North East was affected by the heavy rain - a month's worth fell in one night and one day - and the picture was similar across the region.

Villagers in Bellerby in North Yorkshire woke up to find their homes under three feet of water.

In Newburn on Tyneside, a block of flats was so badly hit it was in danger of collapse, and houses on the streets around it were evacuated to protect neighbours if it fell.

Neighbours heard a loud noise early in the morning and woke to find the foundations of the building exposed Credit: Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service

Parts of the A1 were closed for much of the day and the East Coast Mainline railway was also largely cut off because of signalling problems. Rail passengers were urged not to travel unless strictly necessary. On Teesside, police declared a major incident.

At least 150 homes will now need serious repairs, and many more will take time to dry out.

For more information on flood warnings and alerts and advice on how to get help, see the Environment Agency.

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