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Sunderland City Council budget: What will it mean to you?

Sunderland City Council must make savings of £37 million in the next year Photo: ITV News

Sunderland City Council have announced their budget for 2013/2014 and have agreed on measures to save 37 million pounds in the coming year.

A final meeting was held today in which the council agreed on the proposals to plug the 37 million pound funding gap whilst also trying to safeguard essential services in the area.

What has been announced?

  • The council have agreed that savings of £37 million must be made in the coming year
  • Council tax will, however, be frozen
  • Sunderland City Council has a budget of £695 million to spend in the next year
  • The council must also make savings of nearly £32 million in the year of 2014 - 2015

Where will the savings be made?

  • The council is currently "redesigning its services"
  • A consultation is being held on library services in the area

What will the budget be used for by the council?

  • £111 million will go towards capital investment projects like the new Wear crossing, the Port of Sunderland and city centre development
  • An extra £7 million is being invested into Children's and Adult services
  • Area renewal schemes
  • Sport and leisure
  • Extra infrastructure

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