Comedians from Patrick Monahan to Ed Byrne will be performing at a new comedy festival, called Jesterval. It runs on the Gateshead Quayside from Thursday 3rd to Monday 7th October.

Monahan, who was the winner of the ITV programme _Show me the Funny, _and David Hadingham, the festival's organiser, told us they are trying to attract audiences who normally watch comedy on television rather than live.

Thursday 3rd October

7:00pm: Lost Voice Guy - Voice of Choice. £5

8:30pm: Barry Castagnola in The Donny Donkins. £5

9:45pm: Patrick Monahan - Cake Charmer. £5

Friday 4th October

6:30pm: Seymour Mace. £5

8:00pm: Geordie Gala Show - Jason Cook, Bobby Pattinson, Steffen Peddie and many more. £15

10:00pm: Late Show - Mickey Hutton, David Hadingham, Ben Norris and Ed Byrne. £15

Saturday 5th October

12:00pm: Frehd The Clown. £3

12:45pm: Family Show TBC

1:30pm: George Zach - George Zach is losing his marbles. FREE

2:45pm: Andy Fury - Andy Fury loves Film. FREE

5:30pm: Gordon Southern - The Kerfuffle. £5

7:00pm: Jason Cook - I Will Make Your Life Better. £5

8:15pm: Tom Binns is Ian D Montfort: Psychic Fayre. £5

9:30pm: Improv Comedy All Stars - Marcus Brigstocke, Dave Johns, Steve Frost, Steve Steen, Andy Smart and Ian Coppinger. £15

Sunday 6th October

12:00pm: Silky - Kids Show. £3

12:45pm: Frehd The Clown. £3

2:45pm: Steffan Peddie - 99 Problems and the Chips aren't one. FREE

4:30pm: Gordon Southern - A Brief History of History. £5

6:00pm: Carey Marx - Intensive Carey. £5

7:15pm: Joanne Neary. £5

8:30pm: Phil Nichol - The Weary Land. £5

9:45pm: Terry Alderton - Season 4. £7.50

Monday 7th October

8:00pm: Luisa Omielan - What Would Beyonce Do?! £5

9:15pm: Andrew Maxwell - Banana Kingdom. £5

For more information see the Jesterval website.