Exploring our lost railways

Newton Cap viaduct, Bishop Auckland Credit: Gavin Morrison

Thousands of miles of Britain's railway lines were closed in the last century. Since then, many have been converted into walking and cycle paths.

But what is the history behind these routes? A new book uncovers the story of 50 lost railway lines, including several in the North East.

Among them is the former Durham to Bishop Auckland line which is now the Brandon to Bishop Auckland railway path.

The following photographs reveal how the line looked around 100 years ago when it carried coal from the County Durham coalfields to the North East ports.

Hunwick railway station
Hunwick station today Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

The new book is called Exploring Britain's Lost Railways. Helen Ford met up with its author, Julian Holland, to walk the Brandon to Bishop Auckland railway path and to learn more about its history.

Watch her full report here: