Flood victims frustrated but money IS on the way

'Money is no object' - David Cameron's pledge to help flood victims. Credit: ITV news

Flood victims in the North East say they are frustrated the government has only pledged money to help them after heavy storms in the south of the country.

Earlier this week, David Cameron said money will be 'no object' in the clean-up of flood-hit areas.

Tonight, the government confirmed money will be available to those affected in the North East and everywhere across the country, but not until the end of this month at the earliest.

Conservative MP Ann McIntosh said that it is the sheer scale of the latest floods that has resulted in the government making this pledge.

While the money will be welcomed, Stocktown Town Cllr David Rose said securing funding has been an uphill struggle.

Some homeowners in Port Clarence on the River Tees are still not back in their homes after a tidal surge last December.

Nearly three hundred people were forced to leave as the waters rose.

Many spent the night in a nearby leisure centre.

And although they are sympathetic about the plight of thousands of people forced out of their homes in Somerset, Devon and other parts of the south, they say it's taken the Government too long to make this pledge.

Gillian Dodds couldn't spend Christmas in her own home. She hopes to return next month.

Six years ago, Morpeth in Northumberland was experiencing a similar situation.

A thousand homes flooded in 24 hours in the town.

The clean up in Morpeth after the floods in September 2008. Credit: PA wire

Alan Bell, chair of the Morpeth Flood Action Group, says there is sympathy with the flood victims but frustration at politicians who, he said, did nothing to help them.

He said: "We sympathise with the people in the South, it can destroy your community if you let it.

"But we are frustrated. We weren't helped at all. There wasn't the attention brought to Morpeth.

"You can't just keep building walls. There's a whole stack of things that affect it. You have got to bring all the bodies together and have a much more holistic approach to it."