Weather: Officially wettest winter on record

Wettest winter on record Credit: Met Office

It will come as no huge surprise after the news coverage from the last few months - but this winter has officially become the wettest on record (dating back to 1910) according to figures from the Met Office.

Here are some of the standout figures from the last three months:

  • The UK has now received 486.8mm of rain, narrowly above the previous record of 485.1mm set in 1995.

  • Wales has seen 691.8mm of rain, beating the previous record of 684.1mm in 1995.

  • East Scotland has seen 514.5mm of rain, beating the previous record of 482.2mm in 1915.

  • Southwest England and south Wales has seen 632.5mm of rain beating the previous record of 610.7mm in 1990.

  • Southeast and central southern England has seen 492mm beating the previous record of 437.1mm set in 1915.

A wet winter afflicted the whole of the UK. Credit: Stephen Smallwood

But the slight silver lining is that all UK countries and areas are also on target for a warmer than average winter.