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Can you solve the mystery of the Second World War love letters?

Love letters sent between a couple from Stockton-on-Tee and Carlisle. Photo: ITV news

The date is August 1940 and the WW2 has already been raging for nearly a year.

But among the drama of war, love was blossoming between a young signal man from Stockton-on-Tees and a girl from Carlisle.

The blossoming romance is played out in a series of heartfelt letters. Credit: ITV news

The couple are called Lawrence Frederick Heald and his sweetheart, Carlisle girl Annie Wilson, who signs her name "Nance".

The love letters are going up for auction in Carlisle. Credit: ITV news
A newspaper cutting found with the letters shows Annie Wilson, front left. Little is known about the pair. Credit: ITV news

But the war meant they couldn't be together, and had to conduct their relationship through letters.

"Remember sweetheart it must have been fate that got me to go to the county dance the night I met you. How I have thanked God for that meeting darling. And I shall always remember it because I met and fell madly in love with the finest girl in the world."

– Excerpt from letter written by Lawrence Frederick Heald.

The pair do get married but never get the chance to live together. The correspondence between them ends abruptly in April 1944. But no-one knows why.

The letters date back to the 1940's. Credit: ITV news

More than anything I want to know how the story ends. It's a cliff hanger.

We know this romance blossoms in 1940 correspondence runs through to 1944, nearly the end of the war and then it all ends now that could give us a clue as to how it ended but we just don't know.

Perhaps the chap was wounded and demobilised so the correspondence ends for that reason they set up home together and maybe have a family and live happily ever after, I for one hope that's the case.

– Paul Laidlaw, director at Laidlaw auctioneers

Now those letters, stashed away for decades in a cupboard in Carlisle, are now being put up for auction.

Auctioneers hope that as well as making money, it may solve the priceless mystery of what happened to the couple.

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