Major science exhibition returns to North East

Getting involved at science exhibition Credit: North News

Thousands turned out over the weekend for what has been billed as the greatest show and tell on Earth, right here in the North East.

The Maker Faire UK celebrates all things science and technology.

It it brought 'Makers' from across the world to Tyneside to present their projects and inventions.

And some are more wacky than others.

Henry Maltinson tries out an invention designed to stimulate the brain through sight and sound Credit: North News
RoboHand can crush a car in its iron grip Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

One such creation is RoboHand, a giant robotic fist with hydraulically-powered fingers that give it the superhuman strength to crush almost anything in its grasp.

It's the brain-child of American artist Christian Ristow, and is built from recycled scrap-metal.

Mutya Bowles enjoying a more unusual presentation Credit: North News

The exhibition is held every year at the Centre for Life in Newcastle.

Chief Executive Linda Conlon says it is an honour put on the only event of its kind in the UK:

“We’re very proud to be hosting the UK’s official Maker Faire at Life. Newcastle has a proud history of making, inventing, science and engineering so it’s the perfect place for a national event that celebrates ingenuity, entrepreneurship and creativity.

"Maker Faire UK is not only a great day out for everyone but it’s also a fantastic way to get young people interested in science and technology and for everyone to have a go at making interesting things.”

The main idea is to encourage people to get involved like 11-year-old Niall Simpson Credit: North News

The Maker Faire has been designed to be as hands-on as possible. There are 3D printers to try out, gadgets to play with and soldering irons to allow visitors to have a go at inventing themselves.

The event is held every year at the Centre for Life Credit: North News

Using science and technology in performance is also high on the agenda. Appearing over the weekend are the group, Spark!

They use a mix of colour, light, electronics and percussion in their performances.

And Mr Recycle More, aka Binbot, the eco-friendly giant also puts in a appearance.

At four metres high and made from 33 pink wheelie bins, his mission is to entertain visitors with his green messages.

The giant robot with a environmental message Credit: North News