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Tyne Tees Weather - Into Bank Holiday Monday

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Bank Holiday Monday is a transitional day, leading to slightly more unsettled conditions for the rest of this week.

A Northwest/southeast split develops across the UK with southern and eastern counties holding on to drier, clearer and warmer conditions for longer.

The further north and west you are the higher risk of thicker cloud, outbreaks of rain and stronger winds. These conditions will slowly make their way east by the end of Monday.

As we head further into the week high pressure will by this time have slipped away into the continent, allowing low pressure to edge in closer from the Atlantic. The west wins, bringing a more unsettled feed of sunshine & showers or longer spells of rain over the coming few days. Breezy conditions at times most places frost free.

Here's your Tyne Tees forecast for the next few days.....


It will become dry across the region, with variable cloud amounts, allowing clear spells at times. Winds will remain generally light from a southerly direction. Frost free lows of around 7-8°C.


A mostly dry day with variable cloud, allowing some bright if not sunny spells to develop. Feeling pleasantly warm in any sunshine. Cloud will increase from the north and west during the day, bringing rain to Pennines areas before edging east during the evening. A moderate southerly breeze. Highs to 15-17 °C.


A more unsettled period.

Bright or sunny spells mixed with scattered showers. More organised rain threatens by Thursday.

Often breezy with near average temperatures and frost free nights.