There is a vinyl revival going on

Vinyl records are undergoing a revival. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

What was the first single or album you ever bought and more importantly was it on vinyl? Can you remember?

Well, despite nearly disappearing after the introduction of CDs and this digital era we now live in where you can download an album in a matter of seconds, vinyl records are making a comeback.

Last year's album sales were the highest since 1997. And record dealer, Adrian Moulton, says it is not just the older generation showing an interest.

Paul Murphy has been buying vinyl since he was a boy.

Some of his collection has gone on display at the Lightbox Gallery and Museum in Surrey.

Framed 45s showcases the 7-inch vinyl record format, which recently celebrated its 65th anniversary.

Spanning a 50 year period, Paul's exhibition is a tribute to his passion for vinyl and its often-iconic artwork.

Whatever your taste in music, now is a good time to dig out and dust off your old turntable.

And be a part of the the vinyl revival.