Archive of Tyneside in 1945 released

A trip down memory lane. Tyneside in 1945 Credit: British Council

Archive pictures of Tyneside in 1945 have been released by the British Council.

It shows our region in stark contrast to how it is today, although there are some recognisable landmarks.

The Tyne Bridge still stands tall, but the river beneath it is now eerily quite in comparison to its former self.

The major industries that the North East was known for, coal mining and ship building, have been replaced by new businesses.

Other areas remain virtually unchanged. Rural life in the Tyne Valley may moved with the times but the landscape appears untouched.

The film was made by the British Council to promote the UK abroad after the Second World War.

It is included in an online archive to mark the British Council's eightieth anniversary.

It is an image of Britain as we wanted to be seen. Poverty, unemployment and hunger are conspicuous by their absence.

But it does give us a snap shot of a time long gone.

Probably the best legacy is that these films are available for people to download and use for free.

The British Council have launched a competition to find the most imaginative use of its archive.