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Amelia Lily: The come-back kid's new single

Amelia Lily performed live for Metro Radio Photo: ITV

Amelia Lily captured the hearts of the North East when she left The X Factor in a surprise elimination, only to return and come third. This is when judges of the ITV show dubbed her 'the come-back kid'.

Amelia is doing it again! She's back with a new sound and a new single called 'California'. She's had a number two in the UK singles chart with You Bring Me Joy. Now, she's after the top spot.

Currently on a radio tour, Amelia made a stop at Metro Radio in Newcastle and Rachel Sweeney went along to see her.

"For the past year I’ve been in the studio literally non-stop, writing the album. I wouldn’t say it has been stressful, I’d say it has been more fun because I have a new writing team now, and we just go and hang out and if a something comes to us then that’s when we actually get to it, you can’t rush perfection."


Amelia appeared on The X Factor in 2011. She finished third on the eighth series despite leaving the competition early on. She has used the ITV talent show as a platform to launch herself as a chart topper.

"I was really young. I was 16 when I came of it and I was straight into a record deal, it was so mad, I don’t know how I got through it all. I didn’t really know who I was as a person, never mind as an artist.

"Having a year off has been the most beneficial thing I have done, I feel like I have really found my identity in the past year."

Amelia Lily speaking to Rachel Sweeney in Newcastle Credit: ITV

With a new single on the way, she's living the popstar dream. So what advice does Amelia have for aspiring singers in the run up to the new series of The X Factor?

"Prepare yourself, it’s not easy. It’s very early mornings and late nights, it's very exhausting. However, I think that if you want something enough, and you’ve got that determination, just go with it and work, work, work and it honestly does pay off. I have no regrets."

Amelia on her radio tour Credit: ITV

Amelia is from Middlesbrough but she has popstar duties to fulfil. Here's what she misses most while travelling:

"Everything, the people, the northern accents, the greenery, I miss everything. I love where I come from and I love coming home. It’s the most amazing feeling being in the car knowing that you’re coming home."


With more than 800,000 Twitter followers tweeting her with supportive messages daily, Amelia knows she has a loyal fan base. So what does she want to say to the people who have backed her all the way?

"It’s bonkers! I wish could have the time to go and meet every individual and have a minute with them just to say 'thank you'. However, I can’t and it's really frustrating but I am extremely grateful for my fans and just for anybody who follows me and stands by me. I have had a tough journey and I think you know they are dedicated when they have stuck by you through thick and thin. I am very lucky to have such loyal fans."


Her biggest fan being Elphie who travels with her!

Amelia's dog Elphie Credit: ITV

California is out on September 7. Amelia hopes to be touring in October and releasing her album in November.