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Hedgehog saved from 4 foot fall through concrete wall

A hedgehog has been saved after falling four foot through a concrete well.

Volunteers had to use spades, hammers and chisels to take apart the hole and remove the wall.

It took over four hours to save the hedgehog who was trapped in the space, unable to move.

Now, a course of antibiotics later, the hedgehog is a healthy 820 grams and despite cuts and bruises, is alive and well.

The wall through which the hedgehog fell

The female hedgehog has been named Breeze, as her rescue was anything but a breeze.

A builder was called out to fix the couple's wall and on hearing their story, did the construction for free.

Breeze was saved by Northumbriam Hedgehog Rescue, who say:

Breeze seems to have shrugged off her ordeal in the wall and is doing very well. She is quite a handful as she like to wriggle a lot, we think she must be enjoying exercising after being stuck in such a small space!

– Northumbriam Hedgehog Rescue