Hero puppy cocker poodle 'saves entire street' by sniffing out potentially deadly gas leak

. Credit: SWNS

A five-month-old cocker poodle may have saved his entire street from disaster by sniffing out a potentially deadly gas leak.

Owner Sue Brookes says Will the puppy was enjoying a walk in Greatham, near Hartlepool, when he stopped dead in his tracks and began growling.

When Will refused to move from the spot, Sue bent down to pick him up and carry him home - and it was then that she noticed a hissing sound.

Sue with Will at the spot where he sniffed the gas. Credit: SWNS

Sue immediately called the gas leak emergency number and engineers rushed to the scene to cut off the supply after noticing a crack in the pipe.

Will the cocker poodle enjoys a well-deserved reward at home. Credit: SWNS

Neighbours were full of praise for the puppy, who received a well-earned bone for his efforts.

Neighbour Mike Lawson said: "Will has saved the street. If it wasn't for him we could have had a serious situation on our hands."

Local Maurice Russell added: "I dread to think what could have happened had the leak been left unattended."

Greatham village seen on the outskirts of Hartlepool. Credit: Google Maps

Northern Gas Networks confirmed that their engineers arrived on site in Greatham on Tuesday evening and made the situation safe by temporarily cutting off the gas supply.