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County Durham teen commissioned to draw 1D's Zayn Malik with Perrie Edwards as a present for the popstar.

Emilia has also drawn from a selfie she took when she met One Direction's Zayn Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

A 19-year-old, self-taught artist from County Durham has been commissioned to draw a picture of One Direction's Zayn Malik with Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, as a present for the popstar.

Over the past two years, Emilia Apreda has built up her own business, drawing pictures of celebrities including Little Mix, James Arthur, Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony and One Direction.

She has been so successful she has now left sixth form to become a full time artist. The teen draws all her own pictures at her home in Whitburn.

Her most recent drawing, of One Direction's Zayn Malik with Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, was commissioned to be drawn by Zayn's own sister, Doniya Malik.

Emilia's drawing of Zayn and Perrie that was commissioned by Zayn's sister, Doniya Credit: ITV Tyne Tees
Emilia's drawing of a selfie she took with One Direction's Zayn Credit: Emilia Apreda

I was asked to draw it as a present from Zayn's family to Perrie on her 21st birthday. I've had feedback from the family saying that she loved the drawing. They're both fans of my work.

– Emilia Apreda
Emilia has done numerous drawings of Little Mix Credit: Emilia Apreda

Emilia is building up quite the celebrity fan base. Following Robin Williams' death, Jonnie Edwards (brother of Little Mix's Perrie Edwards) requested a drawing of himself with the comedian.

Emilia's drawing of Robin Williams with Jonnie Edwards Credit: Emilia Apreda

Visit Emilia's online store to see more of her work.