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Medals for soldiers on return from Afghanistan

Soldiers received medals on return from Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Photo: ITV Tyne Tees

Soldiers who returned to our region from Helmand Province in Afghanistan have been honoured with medals in recognition of their service.

The 39 Regiment is being disbanded as a result of Ministry of Defence cuts, making this medal ceremony their last one, an honour that went to the Bengal Rocket Troop.

It's quite a proud moment for myself.

Obviously, being a troop sergeant, bringing the guys back and being a part of that has given me a good feeling.

But also seeing the guys as happy and as proud as they were - it's really good.

– Sgt Kenny Hope, Bengal Rocket Troop
The soldiers received their medals at the Albemarle Barracks. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The Bengal Rocket Troop dates back 198 years to a unit under the command of the East India Company.

But that story will come to an end on these barracks outside Newcastle in a few months' time.

Early next year, the Albemarle Barracks will welcome the Royal Horse Artillery, which is currently based in Germany.