Skipton and Ripon is a large rural seat that includes the western part of the Yorkshire Dales and two of the Yorkshire three peaks, it stretches across the Pennines to Ribblesdale. The main industries are agriculture and tourism in the dales.

The Conservatives have held the seat since its creation in 1983, for most of this period by David Curry, who retired in 2010.

Julian Smith (Conservative) won the seat in 2010 and is standing again.

The 2010 result:Conservative: 27,685 (50.59%)

Lib Dem: 17,735 (32.41%)

Labour: 5,498 (10.05%)

UKIP: 1,909 (3.4%)

BNP: 1,403 (2.56%)

Independent: 315 (0.58%)

The Youth Party: 95 (0.2%)

Virtue Currency Cognitive Appraisal Party: 84 (0.2%)

Majority: 9,950 (18.18%)

The 2015 candidates:

Julian Smith (Con)

Jacqui Bell (Lib Dem)

Malcolm Brown (Lab)

Andrew Brown (Green)

Alan Henderson (UKIP)