The seat covers the lower valley of the river Wansbeck and includes the market town and administrative centre of Morpeth and various former coal mining villages in and around Bedlington and Ashington.

Wansbeck has been a safe Labour seat since the Second World War and the majority of the seat is made up of traditional mining communities that consistently vote Labour. As a result, the three MPs who are responsible for the creation of the current Wansbeck seat were all former miners.

Like many former mining towns the area faces economic difficulties and the constituency has seen public sector job losses since 2010 at Northumberland County Council.

Ian Lavery (Labour) won the seat in 2010 and is standing again.

The 2010 result:

Labour: 17,548 (45.8%)

Lib Dem: 10,517 (27.5%)

Conservative: 6,714 (17.5%)

BNP: 1,418 (3.7%)

UKIP: 974 (2.5%)

Green: 601 (1.6%)

Independent: 359 (0.9%)

Christian Party: 142 (0.4%)

Majority: 7,031 (18.37%)

The 2015 candidates:

Ian Lavery (Labour)

Chris Galley (Conservative)

Melanie Hurst (UKIP)

Christopher Hedley (Green)

Tom Hancock (Liberal Democrats)