York Central was created for the 2010 election, replacing the City of York seat. The two York seats (Central and Outer) are unusual as they split the city in two by creating an inner central seat and an outer doughnut, instead of splitting a town east-west or north-south.

The University of York campus is based just outside of the constituency boundary in York Outer and there is a significant student population within this seat.

The old City of York was traditionally a Labour seat, a record broken only by a brief Conservative victory in 1987.

Sir Hugh Bayley (Labour) won the seat in 2010 and he has announced that he is standing down in the 2015 elections. He was first elected as MP for City of York in1992.

The2010 result:

Labour 18,573 (40%)

Lib Dem: 11,694 (25.2%)

Conservative: 12,122 (26.1%)

Green: 1,699 (3.6%)

BNP: 1,171 2.5%)

UKIP: 1,100 (2.4%)

Monster Raving Loony Party: 154(0.3%)

Majority: 6,451 (13.9%)

The 2015 candidates:

Robert McIlveen (Con)

Rachel Maskell (Lab)

Nick Love (Lib Dem)

Jonathan Tyler (Green)

Ken Guest (UKIP)

Megan Ollerhead (TUSC)

Chris Whitwood (Yorkshire First)

Prospective candidates have until 9th April to submit their nomination papers and become official candidates on 7th May.