Revolutionary 3D virtual reality hopes to bring museums to life

A new device created by two young inventors who studied at Newcastle University could revolutionise a visit to the museum in the future.

Instead of simply seeing historic objects on shelves and in cases we could soon be experiencing them in 3D in the settings they originally came from:

Dominic Deane and Rachel Derbyshire have designed special software for 3D virtual reality headsets.

The technology has been on display at the Great North Museum Hancock in Newcastle for a one day demo event today, April 16.

This is the first time that 'Oculus Rift' 3D headsets will be used in a museum in the UK.

Watch Derek Proud's full report:

Following the event in Newcastle the product will be showcased during Europe's major conference on the future of museums at Museum Next in Geneva, Switzerland, 19-21 April.