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Axe-wielding robber Shaun McKerry jailed for six years

Armed robber Shaun McKerry - who was caught on CCTV battling with the owners of a Post Office - has been jailed for six years.

A judge has praised the bravery of a village shopkeeper, who wrestled an axe from a robber - and sat on him until police arrived.

Sab Dhillon leapt into action to protect a shop assistant, when armed robber Shaun McKerry tried to rob Shildon Post Office in March.

Today McKerry has been sentenced to six years in jail. He had 64 previous convictions.

The court was shown extraordinary CCTV of the family that owns the shop in County Durham fighting off McKerry.

Referring to shop owner Mr Sab Dhillon, the judge said: "I can't remember ever seeing such a conspicuous display of bravery."

The shop assistant whom McKerry threatened issued a statement saying she "feared she would never see her children again".

The judge said that McKerry had planned the attack and remained a serious risk to the public, and handed down an extended sentence. He said: "But the one thing you hadn't planned on - was the indomitable Mr Dhillon."