Sting and Jimmy Nail support Newcastle United boycott

Sting and Jimmy Nail are both Newcastle United fans

Singers Sting and Jimmy Nail sympathise with Newcastle United fans who are protesting against the club's management - and would join a boycott if they could.

Sting told ITV Tyne Tees the current owners 'do not understand what they have' in Newcastle fans.

Sting added: "They have something that's quite unique. The identification of the city with that football team is immense. And it's you know, it's not reproduced hardly anywhere else in the country."

The two stars - both fans themselves - were speaking in an interview to promote their show, The Last Ship, at the Sage Gateshead.

They could not go to the match against Swansea because they are performing at the same time - but said they would boycott if they could. Jimmy said they would still check the score from the side of the stage.

You can see the rest of the interview at 6pm.