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Thousands of North East families living in poverty

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In the lead up to the General Election, we have debated the issues you say concern you the most - the money in your pocket and how you spend it has always been near the top of the list.

Thousands of families in the North East are living in poverty. For them that means making difficult decisions everyday on how to spend what they have.

Absolute poverty is the term used - it is a measure of the poorest in society and how many people are struggling. For years that figure had been falling, but recently numbers have started to rise. 300,000 more children fell into poverty from 2010 to 2013.

There's now a law to make sure any government has a strategy to deal with poverty. All the parties say they're taking it seriously. Watch what they told us in their mini manifestos.

But first, watch Dan Ashby's special report - in some wards of Newcastle, 47% of families are reported as living in poverty.

The government has recently referred to a measure known as 'relative child poverty': That looks at how the poorest children are doing compared to the rest of the population.

Based on that, child poverty has fallen by three hundred thousand since 2010.

Watch: Party mini manifestos on poverty. The interviewees are- Simon Kitchen Conservative, Dave Anderson Labour, Peter Maughan Liberal Democrat and Gary Legg UKIP.