Council leader apologises to Peter Jaconelli abuse victims

The leader of North Yorkshire County Council Leader has issued a statement to the victims of the former mayor of Scarborough, Peter Jaconelli, and their families.

The prolific sex offender and friend and Jimmy Saville could have faced child abuse charges if they had been investigated before his death in 1999.

I have every sympathy with all those affected by abuse. I extend my deepest sympathies to adults who were the victims of abuse in their childhood and I admire their courage and determination in ensuring that historic allegations are not simply swept under the carpet but are highlighted and investigated. I am sorry for the hurt that has been caused to the victims, survivors and their families. I am aware of the statements made by the police concerning Peter Jaconelli and that they have received details of a number of alleged offences over a period of years. Whilst he is not alive today to face the full force of the legal process, I regret if there is evidence to show that he was not a fit and proper person to be a County Councillor. We regret the impact on all those affected and can assure them that should they still want to make any disclosures, support will be provided to them and they will be listened to seriously and with sympathy.

Carl Les, North Yorkshire County Council Leader