Mother and baby alpaca saved during traumatic birth at a Northumberland farm

Three-year-old alpaca Strawberry and her baby Carracker recovering. Credit: Debbie Rippon

A mother alpaca and her baby have been saved by their owner after an "extremely stressful and traumatic delivery" at a Northumberland farm.

The newborn baby, known as a cria, and her three-year-old mother Strawberry might have died if owner Debbie Rippon had not been on hand to help with the birth at Barnacre Alpacas in Elsdon.

The baby, who has been named Carracker, was born head first with her legs behind her, which is extremely dangerous in alpacas.

Debbie, 42, said when she went out to check on Strawberry on August 17th she could tell that she was in distress and quickly released she was in labour:

I ended up having to help pull her out with my hands. The little one was basically stuck, and would never have made it out alive on her own. But now she is fine.

Debbie Rippon

Alpacas all have distinct characters. Strawberry is very nosy and very naughty. She is cheeky and quite vocal. Carracker already seems to be taking after her. The pair are chatting away together which is quite cute to see. I am sure we will have our hands full when she is older, though."

Debbie Rippon

Along with her husband Paul Rippon, 43, Debbie owns and breeds more than 160 alpacas and uses their wool to create knitwear including hats and scarves.