Babies make their first appearance at Flamingo Land

Red panda and Rothschild giraffe Credit: Flamingo Land

A red panda was discovered by one of the attraction's zoo keepers within one of the nest boxes on June 4th.

For the first ten weeks, disturbance to the cub was kept to a minimum, allowing its mother to deliver the care required.

Now that the cub is slightly older, the zoo keepers have sexed the cub as female but have yet to decide on a name.

Her parents, Tai Jang and Bai Jiao, have been resident at Flamingo Land for two years and this is the pair’s first cub.

Rothschild giraffe Credit: Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land is also celebrating the birth of a second Rothschild giraffe this year.

Its birth date was August 20th and its parents are Mylene and George.

It is currently living in the Rothschild giraffe house bringing the total in this enclosure to five.

The other giraffe house also has a herd of five giraffes, so there are now 10 within the Flamingo Land animal collection.