Campbell on Corbyn after national anthem silence "get over it"

Ronnie Campbell MP Credit: PA

Ronnie Campbell MP, representative for Blyth Valley, has defended Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after he did not sing the national anthem at a Battle of Britain ceremony. Speaking to ITV News Tyne Tees, Mr Campbell said Mr Corbyn is a "very nice man, too nice." He added that he wouldn't take "half of what he has" and said people need to just "get over it.'

Mr Campbell believes that no matter what Corbyn does, he can't seem to win. "If he was singing at the top of his voice? Wouldn't make a difference, honestly, no."

Everyone should know that Jeremy Corbyn is not a royalist and apparently, I do not think it has become a crime, has it? Not to be a royalist? That could be the next bill before parliament to be made compulsory to sing the national anthem.

speaking to The Mirror

Kate Green, Shadow Women's and Equalities Minister, said on BBC Radio 4 that the silence would have "offended and hurt people."

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn defended the move, stressing he listened in "respectful silence".