Missing wallet found in the North Sea and returned to it's owner - in Holland

L-R Paul Stewart, Robbie Kray and Keith Fletcher Credit: Hartlepool Fishing Company

A woman in Holland has been reunited with her wallet after it turned up in the net of a Hartlepool-based North Sea trawler.

Keith Fletcher had his nets out in the same waters that DFDS Ferries use to sail from the North East to Holland.

The wallet was found among the fish in his net - with no money in it - but several pieces of paper.

Together with fellow trawlermen Paul Stewart and Robbie Kray, who fish out of Hartlepool fish quay on the boat JJ HL II, he dried the papers and sent them to DFDS Seaways - with a handwritten note to the owner.

The company was able to reunite the wallet with its owner - a woman from a village in Northern Holland called Anna Paulowna.

It's believed the wallet may have fallen overboard before finding its way into Keith's nets and ending up on a longer journey than intended.