Hundred-year-old photos of unknown war heroes left at naval reserve unit

These men were killed at the Battle of Jutland - do you know who they are?

HM Royal Navy and HM Royal Marines are asking for the public's help in identifying the families of nautical heroes from almost a century ago.

A hundred years ago HMS Calliope was a light cruiser that took part in a sea battle at Jutland. She received a number of hits from the German fleet during the battle and ten of her crew were killed in action.

A collection of photos of some of the sailors and Royal Marines killed in action was recently left at HMS Calliope anonymously. In total, around 20 photos were donated but only seven of the sailors and marines were named.

The named sailors and marines were WF Rowlingson, TJ Hogan, W Fletcher, Thomas Trish, Frederick Thomas Horsfall, William Collins and Thomas Edward Sutcliffe.

Unit Heritage Officer, Lieutenant Commander Duncan Young is hoping that relatives of the men killed in action will come forward before the Battle of Jutland centenary next year.