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SSI UK boss: 'We are working very hard to pay staff'

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Cornelius Louwrens, UK Business Director & COO at SSI, has written to staff assuring them every effort is being made to pay them and to continue production at the Redcar plant.

ITV News Tyne Tees has seen a copy of the letter:

I am very aware that the decision to pause operations has naturally given cause for a lot of concern and also raised many questions which need to be addressed. Together with our parent, we are still working very hard to resolve as many of the issues as we can and I am sorry that I am unable to give you as clear a picture as I would like to do. That said, we are trying to move things forward and also I can at least assure you that we are giving priority to two particular issues that are giving immediate cause for concern.


As we all know, Friday is the normal date for payment this month, and we are still aiming to make the transactions on that day. This is dependent on cash becoming available, but every effort is being made to ensure the salaries are paid on the due date.

Redcar Coke Ovens

There have been a number of enquiries with regard to the possibility of there being a shortage of coal to operate the batteries. Our firm intention is to ensure that production does continue and we are still exploring the options available to us to secure the supply of coal.

There are of course many other important questions being raised, but for this week I think you will agree that the above issues are of the highest priority. Please bear with me and as soon as I am able to give definite news on both of these topics and the overall picture, I will do so.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

– Cornelius Louwrens, UK Business Director & COO, SSI

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