The Co Durham eye mask that can stop you going blind


A mask which could prevent blindness has been voted as one of the most important innovations in the world.

It was developed in County Durham and will be available in pharmacies from next month.

It has been proven to help diabetics who might eventually lose their sight in the future. Around 150 thousand who are living in our region.

Lorraine has been living with diabetes for five decades, but recently her eyesight began to suffer.

She was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, a gradual loss of sight that would eventually cause her to go blind.

But she has been part of a trial using a special face mask, and has now her sight has been given the all clear by doctors.

It has been developed at NET park in County Durham.

The mask emits a green light which the patient is not aware of and it works by allowing more oxygen into their eyes so their sight doesn't deteriorate further.

But it does not affect sleep.

Diabetes is one of the most common causes of blindness and it is predicted this mask could save the NHS almost a billion pounds.

That will only be proved once it is rolled out, beginning in pharmacies next month. It will now be showcased at an exhibition of 100 objects that changed the world in London.

But Lorraine says even if it changes one person's life, the gift of sight is priceless.