Chancellor unveils plan to boost transport in the North

George Osborne announced plans to boost transport in the North of England in a speech at the National Railway Museum in York Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

George Osborne has unveiled a plan to boost investment in transport across the North of England.

Speaking at the National Railway Museum in York, the Chancellor announced a £100 billion investment in British roads, rail, flood defences and other projects. He also launched a new independent body which will determine Britain's infrastructure priorities and hold governments to account.

Northern transport links and connectivity between cities will be at the forefront of the National Infrastructure Commission's initial plans which will particularly focus on transport links across the Pennines.

The Chancellor said the Northern Powerhouse is about connecting the great individual cities of the North of England to make them even stronger, collectively.

A poll which asked how much people know about the Northern Powerhouse and how optimistic they are about it found:

  • Source: Ipsos MORI/NLGN/PwC

However, in Yorkshire and the Humber, the poll found:

  • Source: Ipsos MORI/NLGN/PwC

ITV News Tyne Tees has been asking people what they think she be prioritised by the Northern Powerhouse:

More details on today's announcement will be unveiled in the Autumn Spending Review in November.