Dazzling meteor showers set to light up the night sky

An image of the annual meteor shower taken last year. Credit: Chris Nesbit

One of the most dazzling meteor showers of the year will be lighting up the sky next week, weather permitting.

The Geminid shooting stars are due to peak overnight on December 14 when they could appear at a rate of more than one a minute.

With the moon absent for most of the night during the period of maximum activity, the chances of a spectacular show are said to be excellent - but only if skies are clear.

The meteors seem to originate from a "radiant" point in the constellation of Gemini.

By 0200 GMT, the radiant will be almost overhead from the point of view of observers in the UK.

However, they are likely to be visible for a day or more either side of their peak period.

  • If you manage to capture the Geminid shooting stars please email weatherpics@itv.com.