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One Direction surprise Newcastle sisters

Two massive fans of boyband One Direction got to meet, and interview, their heroes - thanks to ITV's Surprise Surprise Christmas special.

Eve Hooley nominated her daughters Rachel, 11, and Kate, 15, for their bravery and support.

Presenter Mark Wright accompanies the girls as they head to ITV's studio for the surprise of a lifetime. Credit: ITV

Whisked off to ITV's studio by horse and carriage, Kate and Rachel still did not know what to expect.

Surprise Surprise! One Direction were waiting for the girls. Credit: ITV
Big hugs from all the boys, including Harry Styles. Credit: ITV

It didn't end there...

Rachel and Kate sit down to interview their heroes. Credit: ITV
The boys from One Direction were happy to oblige. Credit: ITV

So why were the sisters nominated?

Rachel and Kate's story is one of sisterly-love and strength.

Kate was just 11 when in January 2012, out of the blue, her sister Rachel, approaching her 8th birthday, became seriously ill.

Rachel experienced a complete heart failure and was on a life support machine with her life hanging in the balance.

Her only hope of pulling through was to receive a heart transplant.

Her older sister Kate was by her sister’s side every minute she was able and her mum says she was the rock of the family.

A suitable heart became available and Rachel’s body responded well.

With the daily encouragement and support from her big sister, Rachel pushed herself to surpass all recovery expectations.

Her family has never forgotten the donor, their families’ loss and the importance of organ donation.

So much so that Rachel and Kate now do everything they can to raise money and awareness of organ donation.

You can see what happened when Kate and Rachel met One Direction on ITV, Boxing Day, at 7pm.