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Youngest known Holocaust survivor: 'I've always been known as the miracle baby'

Holocaust survivor Eva Clarke talking at Northumbria University Photo: North News

One of the youngest known survivors of the Holocaust has spoken about her experiences at Northumbria University to mark this year’s Memorial Day.

Eva Clarke was born at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria in 1945, three days before the liberation of the camp by the US Army. Eva and her Mother Anka were the only remaining survivors.

There are two reasons why we survived and the first is a very chilling reason.

On the 28 April 1945 the Nazi's had run out of gas for the gas chamber. My birthday is the 29th.

So presumably had my mother arrived on the 26th or 27th I wouldn't be talking to you know.

– Eva Clarke, Holocaust Survivor

Eva has shared her story with communities, schools, colleges and prisons, and has campaigned to ensure that those who died during the Holocaust are remembered.

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