Bystanders 'took pictures' instead of helping woman and daughter trapped in car

The driver and her daughter had a narrow escape. Credit: Durham Police

Members of the public stood by and took pictures instead of helping a woman who had become trapped in her car after it was hit by a falling tree in high winds, police have said.

Durham Constabulary have said that the reaction of the public was'disappointing' after the woman and her daughter had a 'very narrow' escape from their vehicle.

They had been heading along Chilton Lane in Ferryhill Station, CountyDurham when strong winds uprooted a tree from a nearby garden.

It crashed onto the bonnet of their Nissan Note, also bringing down a powercable.

Luckily they were not badly hurt and have been taken to hospital in Durhamto be treated for minor injuries.

The car, however, was badly damaged.

PC Paul Jackson said he was "disappointed" at hearing about the incident.