Saturday 27 February is the 42nd birthday of Claudia Lawrence, the York chef who was last heard from nearly 7 years ago on March 18 2009.

To mark these anniversaries her father Peter Lawrence will be visiting Parliament later this week, to put renewed pressure on the Government to streamline the legal process when someone goes missing, and is believed to be dead.

The Consultation closed a year ago before the General Election.

Questions from MPs have been tabled at Justice Questions on March 8th, and it is hoped other MPs will find ways of reintroducing the debate.

Her Father Peter will reflect on his constant campaign to find out what has happened to Claudia and the campaign to improve the rights of all those who have a loved-one missing.

Currently, four people who were arrested, bailed and released from bail have had their files referred to the CPS.

Timeline of Claudia Lawrence's disappearance.