Adam Johnson: A life behind bars

So what will life be like for Adam Johnson behind bars?

Steve Dagworthy is one person who knows about the kind of hard fall the footballer is facing. The financial broker went from luxury holidays and a swanky home of his own to the daily grind in prison after he was given a six year jail sentence for fraud. He went on to co-found a consultancy which gives advice to people facing prison - some of them involved in high profile cases - about what to expect.


According to Steve Dagworthy Johnson will go from a five star lifestyle to a no star standard of living within moments of being cuffed and led down to the court cells. All the comforts he has enjoyed courtesy of his sixty thousand pound a week salary at Sunderland football club will suddenly be swapped for a very basic standard of living. Designer clothes making way for second hand sweats that probably won't fit him and plastic plates and cutlery.


Don't play the big man. Steve's advice to Johnson is to be humble and behave inside prison. The system will only reward you with more perks and privileges he says if you accept your guilt, do as you are told and definitely don't think your celebrity status outside entitles you to be treated any differently inside.


Prisons Steve says are dangerous places and Adam Johnson might well be a target for some who resents either his crime, his celebrity or his bank balance. When he is first locked up Johnson can ask for vulnerable prisoner status which means staff will allocate him a cell in a protected part of the prison along with other high risk inmates. Steve thinks Johnson would be well advised to do this but even then he says it's hard to say for certain if Johnson will be completely safe in prison.