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Are you the Darlington Dogs Trust mystery knitter?

Doris is enjoying her new toys! Photo: Darlington Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is on the search for a mystery dog lover and expert knitter who tied two handmade woolen dolls to the gates of their Darlington Rehoming Centre.

The dolls are lookalikes of the stars of the charity's 'Special Someone' TV advert which tells the tale of a homeless hound at one of its rescue centres that becomes inseparable from a small knitted figure of a man. Finally, he finds his forever home with a two legged bespectacled friend who looks just like his much loved possession.

The pair were discovered by staff early on Saturday morning who have been speculating about who the mystery knitters could be?

“Sadly we have had dogs dumped at the gates in the past, but finding these two little characters was a lovely surprise!”

– Rebecca McKeown, Darlington Rehoming Centre
The knitted dolls were found by staff early on Saturday morning Credit: Darlington Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust helps around 17,000 dogs a year find their 'Special Someone'. Now the team at the Sadberge centre in County Durham are hoping the dolls will help one of their homeless hounds, Doris, find her forever home.

Since being introduced to the woolen dolls, the 7-year-old Lurcher who was found as a stray, has taken to snuggling up to them and the team are hoping that a real-life version walks through their gates very soon.

“Doris is a lovely, affectionate girl who really needs to find her Special Someone, and perhaps that could be one of the secret knitters?

"We would love the secret knitters to reveal themselves as we, and our dogs, want to thank them for taking the time to highlight in such a wonderful way, how important it is for people to consider giving a homeless dog a second chance.”

– Rebecca McKeown, Darlington Rehoming Centre
The four-legged star of the 'Special Someone' TV ad finds his real-life two-legged forever friend Credit: Darlington Dogs Trust