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Boris Johnson in Newcastle on 'Vote Leave' campaign

Mayor of London Boris Johnson will be in Newcastle today Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Boris Johnson will mark the start of the official EU Referendum campaign by calling on the people of the North East to 'Vote Leave'.

The Mayor of London is speaking at a Brexit rally in Newcastle, which is one of 14 taking place across the UK today.

Hundreds of people have signed up to the event at the Life Conference and Banqueting on Times Square from 11am to 12:30pm. The senior Tory politician is expected to declare:

EU membership costs the North East half a billion pounds every single year - that’s enough money to buy six new hospitals being wasted on an unaccountable and failing institution.

As a country we have ceded far too much control to the EU - control over our economy, our public services, and over key decisions that affect our daily lives.

In return we get uncontrolled immigration, which puts unsustainable pressure on our vital public services as well as on jobs, housing and school places.

I for one have had enough, which is why I am campaigning to Vote Leave on the 23 June.

This country will thrive if we throw off the shackles of the EU - and the people of the North East should rest assured that they stand to benefit if we take back control over our future.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Mr Johnson's visit to the region will be one of hundreds of events taking place across the UK, which will see leading politicians from all parties involved in the respective 'Vote Leave' and 'Stronger In' campaigns.

Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah will be among those taking part in a 'Britain Stronger In Europe' rally at Northumbria University from 3pm.

The event is aimed at highlighting to young people how they benefit from being in Europe and show the future economic benefits of remaining in the EU.

Chi Onwurah, Labour MP for Newcastle Central Credit: David Parry/PA Archive/Press Association Images