War horse story told at Beamish Museum

Cavalry Unit at Beamish Museum Credit: Beamish Museum

More than 60 horses, from cavalry to pack ponies, will be at Beamish Museum this weekend to illustrate the use of horses during the First World War.

Horses at War, which takes place on April 16 and 17, depicts the various roles that horses played during the war. Among the attractions will be the 16th Lancers Cavalry Unit, horse-drawn vehicles, a military encampment and much more.

Horses and soldiers will be gathering at a depot in The 1900s Town, ready to be sent to the front line. While teams of horses will be helping the war effort on the Home Front with ploughing and other field work, and pit ponies will be hauling tubs and in harness.

Over one million horses and mules were sent to France in the First World War and it's estimated that less than 60,000 returned home. Many farmers, job masters and companies had horses, wagons and carts requisitioned to join the war effort.

Chris Thompson, Beamish's Horse Operations Team Leader, said: