'You've got to keep going!' says 90-year-old royal fan Peggy

Peggy Hibbard

90-year-old Peggy Hibbard was brought up in Stanley, County Durham. Her early memories are of a rough-and-tumble outdoor life - one that was probably quite different from the Queen's. She recalls camping trips during the war:

Peggy always wanted to be a teacher, and told us that when she was young she even taught her dolls. She met the love of her life, Ray, at school, and they both went on to work in education - Peggy as a teacher in Hebburn, and Ray as a lecturer.

Though Peggy had a vocation for teaching, she didn't enjoy learning Latin as a child. On one occasion she was saved from the potential embarrassment of not being able to translate a sentence from Latin in front of her classmates by an unlikely occurrence...

21st Century Peggy, like the Queen, is a great grandmother, and enjoys spending time with her extended family.

On the week of the Queen's 90th birthday, Peggy remembers seeing Princess Elizabeth, as she then was, when she attended the Trooping of the Colour at Buckingham Palace aged 11. From then on, she says, she was 'hooked' on the Royal Family.