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'Jumbo Jack' the fattest cat in town

'Jumbo Jack' - who the PDSA are going to help to lose weight Credit: PDSA

A greedy cat from Gateshead, who is nearly 65% overweight, has reached the finals of the UK’s largest pet slimming competition - PDSA Pet Fit Club.

'Jumbo Jack' has been selected to compete against 12 other fat pets – including dogs, cats and even a rabbit.

Tipping the scales at 1st 1lbs (7kg) - when he should weigh closer to 9lb (4.3kg).

Six-year-old Jack’s weight-gain started when owner June Smith moved house three years ago.

When settling into his new street, Jack started visiting the neighbours and skilfully extorting treats from them!

On closer inspection, June found that no less than four of her neighbours were regularly feeding Jack meals and scraps.

“Jack’s always had an insatiable appetite – I have to feed him and my dog Tilly separately, because he will try and steal her food. He has a beautiful face and is very personable, so it’s no wonder he manages to charm people into giving him scraps of ham and sachets of cat food.”

– Owner June Smith

Jack will be placed on a six-month diet and fitness programme and the staff at the charity’s Gateshead PDSA Pet Hospital say they will be helping June to curb his calorie-collecting neighbourhood visits!

“Pet obesity is a serious issue that affects millions of UK pets. Like humans, pets carrying excess weight are at risk from developing serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. It can even shorten their lives.

“With the help of PDSA Pet Fit Club, June is making the necessary lifestyle changes to help get Jack down to a healthier weight. We will support her every step of the way over the next six months to ensure they succeed.”

“If owners are unsure what to feed their pets, or are concerned about their weight, they should always seek advice from their vet.”

– Cheryl Nash, PDSA Veterinary Nurse
Credit: PDSA

Jack will be competing against seven dogs, four cats and a rabbit, including:

  • Cilla, a crumpet-loving American Bulldog from Liverpool who tips the scales at a hefty 8st 8lb(54.4kg).
  • Podgy puss Puff, from Sheffield, who weighs 1st 3lb (7.5kg)
  • Rotund rabbit, Pebbles, from Blackpool.